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February 2, 2022

Linhares: Digging deeper into PRRS outbreak management

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) has challenged producers and swine veterinarians for decades. During that time, outbreak management and ...
February 1, 2022

VanderWaal: Expect to see new PRRS sublineages emerge

US pig producers know that many different strains of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) exist, and that immunological cross-protection ...
September 11, 2021

New approaches to influenza control look promising

Influenza-A virus of swine (IAV-S) is a thorn in the side of US pork producers, and it’s a difficult thorn ...
June 25, 2021

Sundberg: Ramping up African swine fever preparedness and prevention

US producers have seen the devastating impact of African swine fever (ASF) in other countries. The ultimate goal is to ...
November 5, 2020

Inadequate iron supplements lead to subclinical anemia in young pigs

A field trial evaluating iron supplementation for baby pigs found the typical 200 mg iron shot at birth is not ...
October 30, 2020

Three ways to assess your herd’s ‘positive welfare state’

The “Five Freedoms” have been the foundation for establishing sound animal welfare practices since they were developed by Britain’s Farm ...
October 11, 2020

Decontamination protocols fail to disinfect incoming hog supplies

Biosecurity protocols are critical to keeping the US hog herd healthy, and one of the regular tasks is to disinfect ...
July 23, 2020

Feed mitigants offer positive production and virus protection results

For the past 18 months Scott Dee, DVM, director of research at Pipestone Veterinary Services, has been investigating whether feed ...
February 14, 2020

Outmaneuvering PRRSV requires a better understanding of genetic diversity

Among the lessons that the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) has taught producers and veterinarians is that it’s ...
August 26, 2019

Phase I of pelvic organ prolapse study offers new insights

A pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a dramatic, easy-to-identify event within the farrowing room. The difficult part is figuring out ...
July 30, 2019

PRRS in growing pigs linked to sow outbreaks

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) in growing pigs may play an important role in PRRS outbreaks among sow herds, ...
February 22, 2019

Producer priorities drive NPB swine-health research

There’s no shortage of swine-health issues that would benefit from research investment, but when it comes to allocating Pork Checkoff ...
October 12, 2017

Virtual clinic drives better understanding of disease outbreaks

[caption id="attachment_5765" align="alignright" width="37"] Watch the interview[/caption] A virtual veterinary clinic that monitors pig-disease trends and provides an early alert system ...
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September 18, 2017

Taking oral-fluid samples for PRRS: How many and when?

Oral-fluid sampling can provide a simple, reliable way to surveil for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV), Marisa Rotolo, ...
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June 8, 2017

PEDV outbreaks prompt a ‘CSI Pipestone’ investigation

[caption id="attachment_5765" align="alignright" width="37"] Watch the interview[/caption] When the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) devastated the US hog industry in 2013, ...
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May 30, 2017

Iowa veterinarian sees benefits to early PRRS vaccination

[caption id="attachment_5765" align="alignright" width="37"] Watch the interview[/caption] It takes 3 to 4 weeks for pigs to develop immunity against porcine reproductive ...
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