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Most of Pig Health Today’s video interviews with leading health experts and other opinion leaders can now be downloaded as podcasts and listened to on mobile devices or through audio systems of most vehicles.

“The new podcasts are great way for busy veterinarians, pork producers and other decision makers to make the most of their drive time,” said Joseph Feeks, editor of Pig Health Today and the host of the series.

The interviews cover a wide range of topics — everything from gut health, respiratory disease and immunity management, to emerging diseases, biosecurity and consumer perceptions.

“More podcasts are being added to the website all the time,” Feeks said.

The podcasts are part of Pig Health Today’s ongoing commitment to delivering timely, objective news, ideas and insights for optimizing pig health and welfare. The website is sponsored by the US and global pork businesses of Zoetis.

To access the podcasts, go to PigHealthToday.com and click on the new Interviews tab in the menu bar. Interviews are organized by topic or visitors can view all of them on one page.

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Posted on February 7, 2018


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