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PHT SPECIAL REPORTS created by the editors

Welcome to PHT Special Reports. Here you will find collections of articles and videos on timely topics prepared by the editors of Pig Health Today. You can share links with colleagues or click on the green “smart print” icon print icon to print your own magazine. To create your own Special Report, go here.RegisterSign In

Managing Mycoplasma Pneumonia
PRRS and PED might grab all the headlines, but Mycoplasma pneumonia is still a leading cause of losses in swine production
Adapting to the New VFD Rules
What you need to know comply with the new FDA directive.
'Tis the season for PED virus
No one is ready to call it a holiday tradition, but winter is prime time for outbreaks of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. Experts discuss how the disease has evolved and how to minimize losses.

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