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Category Archive: Interviews, News, PGT GLOBAL, PGT US, Podcasts, Uncategorized, Videos

Krantz: Prioritize people to improve pre-wean mortality

Today’s sow farms are highly efficient production systems, yet pre-weaning mortality can remain a challenge.

New PCV2 vaccine for swine elicits strong cell-mediated immune response

Preventing flu transmission from humans to pigs

Farm employees can have a marked impact on the success of controlling IAV-S. Two roundtable panelists share their views.

Influenza roundtable: Taking control programs to the next level in sows and pigs

Despite the pork industry’s best efforts, IAV-S remains a challenge for US pork producers year-round, particularly in grow-finish systems. Nine veterinarians discussed the challenges of the costly...

Prime boost in cattle shows promise in food-animal production

Heterologous technology known as “prime boost” has been widely used in the US cattle industry, and it is hoped that pork producers can piggy-back on the work that’s already been done in cattle...

Immunity, and understanding how to manage it, remains the ‘big frontier’ in disease protection

“The goal of any operation is to keep an animal as healthy as possible, which means keeping the immune system healthy,” says Victor Cortese, DVM, PhD, a veterinarian specializing in immunology....

Influenza A virus remains costly challenge for US pork industry

While its mortality rate is low, IAV-S continues to cause acute respiratory disease and often leads to reduced growth rates in young pigs and steep economic losses. Understanding the virus and how it...


Don’t get complacent with PCV2 protection

Vaccines for porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) currently do an adequate job of cross protecting against new genotypes of the virus, but swine veterinarians and producers shouldn’t let their guard...

FDA: Some feed antibiotics still OK for production purposes

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